Research In Action

Research In Action

Engineers Week
Celebrating Engineers Week
February 25, 2021

To honor Engineers Week, CIRP highlights some of our engineering-related blog posts from the past year:

Child Passengers and Autonomous Vehicles: An International Perspective

Learn how the international child safety community is defining priorities for the design of and research about autonomous driving systems (ADS).

Preventing Crashes with Automatic Emergency Braking

Dr. Helen Loeb describes research, funded by the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS), that shows automatic emergency braking to be very effective in preventing rear-end striking crashes.

Sparking An Interest in Child Passenger Safety Research

After receiving graduate school training at CIRP, Madeline Griffith, MS is now a Research Project Engineer at the Center.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Child Passenger Safety Research as a Trainee

Read about the pediatric biomechanics research training experiences of Shreyas Safare, MS at CIRP and his career plans in injury prevention research.

A Systematic Review of Scientific Papers with Head Impact Sensor Data

Dr. Declan Patton discusses key insights from his review of scientific papers with head impact sensor data.