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Violence Prevention Tools

The Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers free evidence-based violence prevention education tools for teens, parents, community members, and educators. These violence prevention education resources can be used to prevent youth violence and build community.

Violence Prevention Education Webinar Series

Experts from VPI regularly conduct free educational webinars on various topics related to youth violence prevention. The webinars are recorded and are available below. Sign up to receive alerts about upcoming violence prevention education webinars.

violence prevention tools
"Behind the scenes" with the presenters
from VPI's June 2018 webinar on child mortality.
  • Playing Catch-up -- How to Address the Lag in Reducing U.S. Child Mortality Rates
    Date: June 5, 2018
    Presenters: Ahaviah Glaser, JD; Christopher Forrest, MD, PhD; Allison Curry, PhD, MPH; Michael L. Nance, MD; Scott Lorch, MD, MSCE
    Target Audience: Health policy stakeholders, government agency staff, child health policy advocates, elected officials, and healthcare providers
  • Secondary Traumatic Stress: Impact on Providers, Patients and Families
    Date: January 23, 2018
    Presenters: Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD; Kristen Kohser, MSW, LSW; Carol Murray, MSS, MLSP; Laura Vega, MSW, LCSW
    Target Audience: Healthcare providers, psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, and other patient service providers
  • Human Trafficking in Adolescents
    Date: August 15, 2017
    Presenters: Marné Castillo, PhD, MEd; Jasmine Oglesby, MSW; Erica Smith, MEd
    Target Audience: Social workers and other healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses,  mental health professionals, educators, administrators, counselors
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Pediatrics
    Date: May 10, 2017
    Presenters: Rachel Myers, PhD; Ashlee Murray, MD, MPH; Marcella Slick, MSW, LSW; India Azzinaro, BSW
    Target Audience: Primary care physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, advance practice providers (physician assistants, advance practice nurses) nurses, psychologists 
  • Suicide Prevention in Children and Adolescents
    Date: November 9, 2016
    Presenters: Jeremy Esposito, MD, MSEd; Anik Jhonsa, MD; Flaura Winston, MD, PhD
    Target Audience: Primary care physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, advance practice providers (physician assistants, advance practice nurses,) nurses, psychologists
  • Counseling Families on Gun Safety in the Home
    Date: September 10, 2015
    Presenters: Joel Fein, MD, MPH; Michael Nance, MD, FACS, FAAP; Mary Fabio, MD, FAAP
    Target Audience: Physicians, nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, educators, administrators, counselors
  • Preventing Bullying and Empowering Teachers
    Date: February 2, 2015
    Presenters: Stephen Leff, PhD and Christine Waanders, PhD
    Target Audience: Teachers, administrators, and counselors in elementary and middle school grades
    Additional Webinar Materials Written Reflection Exercise
  • An Introduction to the Delivery of Trauma-Informed Care in Medical and Mental Health Settings
    Date: June 4, 2014
    Presenter: Meghan Marsac, PhD
    Target Audience: Pediatric healthcare providers

Educational Fact Sheets

The fact sheets below were developed by experts at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Download and distribute them to families, youth, educators, and other groups with a stake in youth violence prevention education.

All About Bullying

* This fact sheet is targeted directly to youth.

Legislative Testimony on Youth Gun Violence

  • In February 2019, CHOP VPI Fellow and Emergency Department Attending Physician Ruth Abaya, MD, MPH, testified before the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Policy Committee on the public health issue of firearm violence and its effect on children. In this testimony, she shares the pediatric health community’s perspective on what evidence-based policies and legislation would most effectively address this epidemic. 
    Download Dr. Abaya's Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Policy Committee testimony.
  • In May 2018, CHOP Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow Christian D. Pulcini, MD, MEd, MPH, FAAP testified before the Pennsylvania General Assembly's House Judiciary Committee regarding Pennsylvania’s Firearm Laws and Public Safety and in support of several pending bills that were in alignment with VPI@CHOP's position on gun violence. In October 2018, Pennsylvania signed HB2060 in law, which restricts gun access in Pennsylvania for those convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence. It marked the first piece of anti-violence legislation in Pennsylvania that deals directly with guns in this decade. Download Dr. Pulcini's PA General Assembly testimony
  • In November 2017, CHOP VPI Fellow and Emergency Department Attending Physician Ruth Abaya, MD, MPH, testified before the Philadelphia City Council’s Special Committee on Gun Violence about reframing the discussion on preventing gun violence, and discussed how public health approaches prevention from three angles: primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Download Dr. Abaya's City Council testimony
  • In May 2016, CHOP VPI Fellow and Director of the Pediatric Trauma Program Michael Nance, MD, testified before Pennsylvania's House Democratic Policy Committee Hearing on House Bill 1010, a bill that would close some loopholes in Pennsylvania's background checks for gun purchases. Dr. Nance drew from his personal experience as a trauma surgeon at CHOP, as well as his expertise in firearms research. Download Dr. Nance's Pennsylvania House testimony 
  • In April 2016, CHOP VPI Co-Director Joel Fein, MD, MPH, testified before the Philadelphia City Council Committee on Public Safety to inform the establishment of a comprehensive strategy for reducing and eliminating youth gun violence. Dr. Fein's comments describe research from CHOP on why teenagers in Philadelphia might access a gun, giving voice to these youth. Download Dr. Fein's City Council testimony

Violence Prevention Education Resources for Families

Click here to access information for adolescents and parents about anti-violence programs and services with contact/hotline numbers.

Violence Prevention Education Related Blog Posts

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