Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Digital Health Training

Janiece Strange with Mentor Linda Fleisher, PhD
During the summer of 2018, Janiece Strange, a Business Administration student at Morgan State University, worked with Mentor Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH on the AWARE Pilot Program during the summer of 2018.

Led by Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH, a prominent researcher in health communications and mobile health, CIRP researchers are using the digital health method to conduct and foster interventions that promote pediatric health. They are taking a systematic approach to develop, evaluate, and implement tools and resources to help providers and patients achieve certain health outcomes.

Student Responsibilities for the Digital Health Training Program:

  • Attend weekly project meetings
  • Attend regular mentorship meetings (as agreed upon with supervisor)
  • Perform literature reviews and environmental scans as related to project needs
  • Organize and manage a repository of relevant literature, blogs, and/or websites related to digital health
  • Become familiar with research protocols for selected projects
  • Assist in screening, recruiting, and enrolling participants for research protocols
  • Perform data management (i.e., data entry and quality assurance)
  • Present research findings and/or outcomes of internship activities to team and CIRP staff
  • Fulfill other assigned responsibilities as appropriate

Necessary Qualifications for the Digital Health Training Program:

  • Students must be enrolled in or have completed an undergraduate or graduate training program. A strong interest in health communications, mobile/digital health, regulatory science and/or health policy, and information technology is preferred.
  • Typical undergraduate majors include Public Health, Communications, Pre-Med, and other leading to health professions.
  • Typical graduate studies include Medicine, Public Health, Communications, Behavioral Science, or other health related areas.

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