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Evaluation and Enhancement of Community Outreach Programs for Teen Driver Safety

CHOP researchers collaborated with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to develop tools to facilitate the evaluation and enhancement of community outreach programs for teen driver safety. The two-year project included stakeholder interviews in the community, review of existing programs both within the state and across the nation, and interactive workshops with traffic safety professionals.

The first phase of the project also included literature reviews, crash data analysis, and theory-based logic modeling. These foundational pieces and collaboration resulted in the development of several resources to help Pennsylvania Community Traffic Safety Program staff identify the traffic safety issues and needs of communities within the state, leverage that information to develop programs with maximum impact, and measure the impact of programs to guide future programming.

Resources for Community Outreach Program Evaluation

These materials, created by the Teen Driving Safety Research team at CIRP, both innovative and practical in nature, cover teen driver safety topics but are applicable for a wide range of safety and other public health topics. 

teen outreach program evaluation
Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH conducts teen driver
safety outreach program training
  • Program Planning & Evaluation Guidebook: The 13-chapter Guidebook includes how to conduct a needs assessment to determine specific problems and needs for individual areas; generating SMART objectives; selecting appropriate programming; and recommendations for determining evaluation metrics.
  • Resource Book: This includes evidence-based, adapted supplementary resources--worksheets; pre-post surveys; websites; literature recommendations; data resources; and more. 
  • CHOP Program Planning & Evaluation YouTube Channel: Videos were created to accompany each chapter of the guidebook and are available on YouTube.
  • Key Performance Measures Based on the Literature: CHOP researchers worked with PennDOT to identify criteria to measure accomplishments of its traffic safety programs based on the logic model theory developed in Year 1 of the project. The Resource Book includes six key performance measures and 47 example questions.
  • Teen Traffic Safety Program Database: As a helpful supplement to this Guidebook, this database includes 62 traffic safety outreach programs.

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Principal Investigators: Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH; Flaura Winston, MD, PhDFunding: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation