Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Teacher Workshop: Preventing Bullying and Empowering Students

Watch a webinar aimed at educators, administrators, and school counselors in elementary and middle school grades on a topic that is pervasive in school settings-- bullying. Presented by VPI's Stephen Leff, PhD and Christine Waanders, PhD on February 2, 2015, the webinar provides:

  • Background information on bullying, how it is defined, forms (physical, social, cyber), roles (bully, victim, bystander), and impact on school climate
  • Best practice strategies for how teachers can help their students involved in ongoing conflicts and bullying
  • Approaches to enhance classroom climate in order to prevent bullying
  • Case examples to give practice in applying strategies covered

For more information on bullying in schools, click here.

This VPI-hosted webinar provides information and best practice strategies on bullying prevention in school settings.