Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Secondary Traumatic Stress: Impact on Providers, Patients and Families

Working with ill and injured children and families, who are often traumatized, exposes providers to others' emotions and distress. When left unmanaged, this stress can take a toll on the provider - impacting their own health and well-being, as well as the care they are able to provide to patients and families. Stress related to the work of patient care may result in ‘secondary traumatic stress’ or related concerns like burnout or ‘compassion fatigue.’

Click below to watch a webinar hosted by CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) that provides actionable information for healthcare providers, psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, and other patient service providers so they can:

  • Identify symptoms of secondary traumatic stress
  • Encourage proactive organizational support
  • Identify effective approaches for themselves and their colleagues to reduce stress associated with providing patient care

The two hour session is presented by Kristen Kohser, MSW, LSW, Program Manager at CIRP and Trainer for VPI; Carol Murray, MSS, MLSP, Training Manager at CIRP and Trainer for VPI; and Laura Vega, MSW, LCSW, Violence Prevention Supervisor for VPI's Violence Intervention Program. The moderator is Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD, Associate Director for Behavioral Research at CIRP and Director of Training for VPI.

PDF of Presentation Slides

Click here to access a PDF of the presentation slides.

**Please note that only those who attended the live presentation of this webinar on January 23, 2018 are eligible for Continuing Education Credit.

CHOP VPI Webinar- Secondary Traumatic Stress: Impact on Providers, Patients and Families