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In the New Year, Model Empathy and Compassion at Home
Healthy Kids Blog, -- December 28, 2016 

Are We Ready to Honor the Promise of "Free" Depression Screenings for Teens?
Hospital & Health System Association of Pennsylvania Blog -- December 23, 2016

A Hearing Test May Be Able to Identify a Concussion
Washington Post -- December 22, 2016

Why Sports Officials Are Your Friends
Healthy Kids Blog, -- November 22, 2016

Startup of the Week: Diagnostic Driving for Safer Roads
BizPhilly, Philadelphia Magazine -- November 17, 2016

CHOP Research in the News: Vaccine Safety, Emotions and Driving, Concussion Discussions, Surgical Excellence Award
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- November 11, 2016

Teaching our kids: Abuse is never acceptable
Healthy Kids Blog, -- October 25, 2016

Parents and Teens Learn the Way to Safety
Penn Medicine Magazine -- October 19, 2016

Research in Motion to Curb Cell Phone Use While Driving
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- October 19, 2016

Teens Asleep at the Wheel and a Spike in Deaths but Many do the Right Thing -- October 17, 2016

When Are Teen Drivers Most Likely to Break the Rules? -- October 15, 2016

Study Shows Most Newly Licensed Drivers Follow GDL Limits
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- October 14, 2016

How to Heal Head Injuries? Try New App
Philadelphia Inquirer --  October 2, 2016

As Airbag Recalls Mount, Are There Alternatives to Protect Drivers?
Forbes -- September 28, 2016

Concussion Rates Are Way Up, Especially in Pa. and NJ
Philadelphia Inquirer --  September 27, 2016

Yes, People Really Are Driving While Playing Pokemon Go
National Public Radio -- September 16, 2016

Study Drives Down Into Teen’ Perceptions of Passenger Distraction
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- September 16, 2016

How Can I Help My New College Student Manage Stress
Healthy Kids Blog, -- September 12, 2016

How Some Providers Are Stoking Entrepreneurial Fires To Ensure Health Financials
Healthcare Dive -- September 6, 2016

A View of New Airplane Safety Recommendations for Tiny Travelers
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- September 2, 2016

How Reformed 'Mean Girls' Can Help Their Classmates
Bench to Bedside, CHOP Research Institute -- August 22, 2016

Rally Racing School Teaches the Basics of Controlled Mayhem
New York Times -- August 18, 2016

Concussions: How they can be different in the summer
Healthy Kids Blog, -- August 18, 2016

Safety, Thinking, Partnerships, Motherhood: Six Key Quotes from a Physician Scientist on a Mission
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- August 16, 2016

Gender-Questioning Kids: When Is It Gender Dysphoria? -- August 8, 2016

Kids Dying in Hot Cars. Can We Stop It?
Forbes -- August 4, 2016

PA's New Car Seat Law Goes Into Effect in August
Healthy Kids Blog, -- July 28, 2016

Capitalizing on the Research Potential of Mobile and Digital Technology
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- July 11, 2016

How Japan Saves Lives With Driver Decals, The Atlantic -- July 8, 2016

Pediatric Concussion Rates Are Undercounted
Neurology Now -- July 1, 2016

Fastening Seat Belts: The 3 Seconds That Save Lives
Consumer Reports -- June 29, 2016

Are Kids Getting More Concussions Than We Realize? -- June 21, 2016

Why Drowsy Driving Is Impaired Driving
Healthy Kids Blog, -- June 14, 2016

Alabama Children at Risk of Death in Hot Cars
The Anniston Star -- June 7, 2016

What It Means When Children Explore Gender Identity
Healthy Kids Blog, -- June 6, 2016

CHOP Research in the News: Counting Concussions, Genetics and Autism, Child Injury Prevention, and Gun Violence
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- June 3, 2016

Kids' Concussion Rates May Be Vastly Underreported: Study
CBS News -- June 1, 2016

Wear Orange on June 2: National Gun Violence Awareness Day
Healthy Kids Blog, -- June 1, 2016

We Must Challenge Assumptions about Pediatric Concussions
Huffpost Healthy Living Blog -- May, 31 2016

Studies Support Parent-Teen Communication to Improve Adolescent Health
Bench to Bedside, CHOP Research Institute -- May 31, 2016

Concussions in Children May Be Vastly Underreported, Study Finds
ABC News -- May 31, 2016

Kids' Concussion Rates May Be Higher Than Thought
U.S. News & World Report -- May 31, 2016

Kids Health Matters: Bullying
6ABC-TV -- May 25, 2016

How Poverty Hurts Kids Health
Radio Times, WHYY-FM -- May 25, 2016
*Featuring Violence Prevention Initiative Fellow Roy Wade, MD, PhD, MPH

Ontario's Safe Texting Zones Act A Step Closer to Reality
Cantech Letter -- May 21, 2016

Bringing Science to Life at the Philadelphia Science Festival
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- May 17, 2016

CHOP Research in the News: Youth Violence, Novice Drivers, Obesity and Sexual Behavior
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- April 22, 2016

Gun Violence Interventions Have to Happen Early in Life
Huffington Post -- April 18, 2016

Are Doctors the Key to Ending Philly Gun Violence?
Philadelphia Magazine -- April 17, 2016

Growing Into Healthy Relationships: A Teen Dating Violence Q&A
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- April 12, 2016

4 Ways to Avoid Raising a Bully
CHOP News -- April 5, 2016

When Do 'Time Outs' Have Their Time and Place?
Healthy Kids Blog, -- April 4, 2016

Philly Officials Seeking Solution to Deadly Violence Among Teens
Newsworks -- WHYY-FM -- March 28, 2016

City Council Gets an Earful on Youth Violence
Philly Voice -- March 28, 2016

Bystander First Aid Turns Everyday Citizens Into First Responders
The Pulse, WHYY-FM -- March 10, 2016
*Featuring Violence Prevention Initiative Fellow Steven Berkowitz, MD

In the Neighborhood: Environmental Features Associated With Teen Homicide
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- March 7, 2016

New Research Affinity Group Supports Research Arena in mHealth
Bench to Bedside, CHOP Research Institute -- February 29 , 2016

Here's What Happens at a 'Speed Dating' Event for Researchers and Community Groups -- February 5, 2016

The 'Duct Tape Challenge' and Other Dangerous Social Media Trends
Healthy Kids Blog, -- February 4, 2016

What You Should Know About Hoverboards
Healthy Kids Blog, -- January 26, 2016

Positive Adult Connections Play Protective Role for At-Risk Youth
Cornerstone Blog, CHOP Research Institute -- January 26, 2016

Violence Against The World's Children is Epidemic, Report Shows
CBS News -- January 25, 2016

CHOP VPI-- Community-Driven Research Day
The MOJO, 900 AM WURD -- January 22, 2016

What Your Teen Can Do If Someone's Texting While Driving Them -- January 14, 2016

When Everybody Buckles Up, Front Seat May Be Safer Than Back
Reuters -- January 7, 2016

Most Restraints for Pets in Cars Fail Crash Test
Today Show -- January 4, 2016