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Accuracy of self-reported data for estimating crash severity.

TitleAccuracy of self-reported data for estimating crash severity.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsElliott MR, Arbogast KB, Menon R, Durbin D, Winston FK
JournalAccid Anal Prev
Date Published2003 Nov
KeywordsAccidents, Traffic, Humans

Estimated traveling speed and speed limit have typically been used in population-based surveillance data to estimate crash severity. The accuracy of these measures in predicting crash severity is unknown. The Partners for Child Passenger Safety (PCPS) surveillance system offers a unique opportunity to compare these measures, as well as a novel measure of crash severity, "self-report" delta-V, to the accepted measure of delta-V estimated during detailed crash-investigations in 118 crashes. This "self-report" delta-V was computed from the estimated traveling speeds and direction of impact obtained from telephone interviews with drivers. These "self-reported" delta-V estimates are modestly associated with crash-investigation delta-V estimates, with the degree of association a function of the direction of impact: when the respondent was struck from the rear, the degree of association is strong; frontal, side, and single-vehicle crashes yield weaker associations. This "self-reported" delta-V measure, however, is a substantial improvement over use of estimated traveling speed or speed limit only.

Alternate JournalAccid Anal Prev
PubMed ID12971916