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Injuries to Child Pedestrians Admitted to an Urban Pediatric Trauma Center

TitleInjuries to Child Pedestrians Admitted to an Urban Pediatric Trauma Center
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2006
AuthorsJermakian JS
Conference NameInternational Conference on ESAR "Expert Symposium on Accident Research"
Date Published03/2007
Conference LocationHannover, Germany
Accession Number01386884

This study examines the severity and types of injuries sustained by child pedestrians aged 18 years and below in order to identify the body regions at greatest risk for injury in a pedestrian accident. Detailed medical diagnoses were reviewed retrospectively for 572 child pedestrians admitted to an urban pediatric trauma center with injuries during the time period from January 2001 to December 2005. Eighty percent of these children sustained AIS 2 or greater injuries, most commonly to the lower extremity (41%) and head (34%). Fortyfour percent of admitted children had more significant AIS 3 or greater injuries primarily to the head (58%), thorax (17%) and lower extremities (14%). Testing procedures to assess the child’s interaction with the motor vehicle should include injury assessment for the pediatric head, thorax and lower extremities. This understanding of how child pedestrians interact with motor vehicles may provide insight into effective countermeasures with potential for implementation in vehicle designs world-wide.