<p><span style="font-family: Arial;">The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of a novel web-based program for the parents of teen drivers, the Teen Driving Plan (TDP) and the results of a process evaluation to determine if the intervention can be properly utilized within the target population. The TDP is designed to promote parents’ facilitation of their teens’ home-based practice driving in order to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of teens’ pre-licensure practice. The core functionality of the program centers on encouraging parents to plan and log practice drives. Use of these online tools encourages parents to watch short video tutorials that provide guidance on how to structure practice drives. Results of the mixed-methods process evaluation (n=16 families) suggest that the TDP was viewed favorably by families and can be utilized by parents of learner teen drivers to plan and log practice drives. Families were followed over a 6-week period and data were collected on TDP utilization, participants’ practice driving, and participants’ reactions to using the program and their suggestions for improvement. Multiple research methods were used including user-tracking software, online surveys, focus groups and interviews and a technical assistance log. Participants provided helpful feedback regarding website design and functionality. Overall, the results indicate that the TDP is promising new intervention worthy of further development and research.  &nbsp;</span></p>
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