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Social marketing: an overview of approach and effects.

TitleSocial marketing: an overview of approach and effects.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSmith WA
JournalInj Prev
Volume12 Suppl 1
Date Published2006 Jun
KeywordsAccident Prevention, Accidents, Traffic, Adolescent, Adult, Automobile Driving, Culture, Health Promotion, Humans, Safety Management, Seat Belts, Social Marketing

This paper reviews the applicability of commercial and social marketing to teen driving safety. It draws on a wide range of information, including evaluation studies of specific programs as well as standards of practice within these two professions. Social marketing has been widely applied for more than three decades in the fields of public health, environmental protection, and political marketing with significant success. The paper attempts to distinguish between the practice of commercial marketing, whose goal is profit, and the practice of social marketing, whose goal is societal benefit. Issues of sustainability, segmentation, differences in behavioral characteristics, and cultural competence are discussed with specific examples drawn from the transportation safety literature. The paper suggests that social marketing represents a viable companion to control and education approaches to behavior change to promote teen driving safety.

Alternate JournalInj. Prev.
PubMed ID16788110