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Concussions at Summer Camp Webinar

In a recent survey study conducted in conjunction with the Association for Camp Nursing, less than half of respondents reported comfort in managing concussion at camp, half reported that that they would immediately send a child home or to an emergency department following a head injury without concern for head bleed, and many would require that a child rests until he/she is completely symptom-free. Less than half had a standardized guideline for managing concussion that they follow.

In response to this survey, experts from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Concussion Care for Kids program led a webinar that addressed the concerns of summer camp nurses by sharing the state of science strategies for managing concussion to improve skills and increase confidence with managing recovery from concussion while a child with a concussion remains at camp.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand current practices, barriers and concerns regarding managing concussions at camp
  • Be able to describe best practice strategies for managing concussions
  • Know how to provide appropriate rest and rehabilitation at camp for youth with concussion diagnoses
  • Know when to seek higher level of care

PDF of Presentation Slides

Concussions and Summer Camp Webinar


Concussions at Summer Camp webinar