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Ori Yardeni

Ori Yardeni

Ori Yardeni is a globally successful edutainment producer and entrepreneur and CEO of Life Changing Experiences. His experience spans over 600 multi-media productions that have been disseminated to millions of viewers around the world. As a media producer and entertainment technology developer (including web and mobile experiences), Mr. Yardeni has diverse experience in industrial and leisure communications. He has had numerous technological inventions that he has executed through his varied projects, including the use of the first interactive cinema that allows hundreds of viewers to take an active role, the use of a “time elevator” multi-sensory experience to review history, and a number of other innovations that are now used in the field of entertainment. Mr. Yardeni has received several international awards for his outstanding achievements, including the THEA Award for his work for Disney. Mr. Yardeni has been working internationally to develop a range of programs to improve youth's life and providing them with tools and solutions with respect to life issues such as prevention of drug abuse, protection of the environment, responsible driving, and bullying prevention through the use of state of the art media and technology.


Research Interests

Bullying Prevention