Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Nadia Dowshen, MD, MSHP

Nadia Dowshen CHOP CIRP
Center for Violence Prevention Associate

Nadia Dowshen, MD, MSHP is a CHOP pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist who serves as Director of Adolescent HIV Services in the Craig-Dalsimer Division of Adolescent Medicine at CHOP and Co-Director of the CHOP Gender and Sexuality Clinic. She is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to specialized care for youth living with HIV/AIDS, Dr. Dowshen also provides general adolescent medical care at CHOP and Covenant House, PA, a youth shelter located in Philadelphia. She is also a faculty member at PolicyLab and an Associate of the Center for Violence Prevention.

Dr. Dowshen’s research focuses broadly on issues of youth STD and HIV prevention and treatment, as well as achieving health equity for other marginalized youth including LGBT and homeless adolescents. Dr. Dowshen also serves on the Board of Directors of the Sexual Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), a national non-profit which promotes comprehensive education about sexuality, and advocates for the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices.

For more information on her research, please visit PolicyLab’s website.

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Research Interests

Prevention and Primary Care; Adolescent Health; Sexual Health; Wellness and Healthy Choices; Technology and Health