Madeline Griffith, MS
Research Project Engineer

Madeline Griffith is a Research Project Engineer at the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Her work primarily focuses on physical sled testing with human volunteers. 


Madeline Griffith, MS joined Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) in 2020 as a Research Project Engineer after working as a Graduate Student Research Assistant at CIRP since the fall of 2018. During her time as a student at CIRP, Madeline studied and completed a Master’s Thesis on driver kinematics during takeover in an autonomous driving scenario. Madeleine was a recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Research Award at the University of Pennsylvania for her work on this study.

Madeline’s research interests include pediatric biomechanics and child passenger safety, in order to understand injury prevention in the automotive safety field. She is currently involved in several projects at CIRP aimed at understanding how in-vehicle warning systems affect the biomechanics of adult and teenage drivers, how adult and child passenger biomechanics are influenced by different automated and manual pre-crash maneuvers such as braking and swerving, and how child passenger kinematics vary in different seating arrangements. These studies use methods which span from physical sled testing, to driving simulator tests, to finite element analysis.

BS, University of Notre Dame (Mechanical Engineering), 2018

MS, University of Pennsylvania (Mechanical Engineering), 2020

Research Project Engineer, Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Outstanding Research Award, University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering, 2020 

Seacrist T, Maheshwari, Graci V, Holt CM, Akkem R, Chingas G, Douglas EC, Griffith M, Palumbo A. Biofidelic Evaluation of the Large Omni-Directional Child Anthropomorphic Test Device in Low Speed Loading Conditions. Stapp Car Crash Journal. 2019 Nov; 63:213-234.


Contact Information
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research 2716 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19146