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Carla Brown, MSW

Carla Brown CHOP CIRP
Violence Prevention Specialist

Carla Brown, MSW has diverse experience working with at-risk populations affected by various disproportions, traumatic events and experiences. In her role as a Violence Prevention Specialist with CHOP’s Violence Intervention Program, she supports children and families impacted by violent incidents and experiences through trauma-informed care to promote healthy interpersonal relationships and advance their quality of life.

Prior to joining the Center, Carla worked in child welfare with the In-home Protective Services (IHPS) providing intensive case management for six years and Intensive Prevention Services (IPS) providing therapeutic intervention and counseling to at-risk youth and families. In her professional capacities she acted as an advocate and worked extensively to address issues of behavioral, emotional and physical health with intent to reduce risk of harm and improve self- sufficiency and well-being for children, youth and families.

Carla graduated with a Bachelors in Human Services with a minor in Criminal Justice from Lincoln University and attended Widener University, graduating in 2013 from the Center for Social Work Education, with a Masters in Social Work. She can be contacted at


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