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Human Trafficking in Adolescents: Understanding the Issues as a Service Provider

Child sex trafficking, also known as commercial sexual exploitation or sex trafficking of minors, remains a complex and unaddressed form of violence against children and adolescents. It’s estimated there are approximately 100,000 victims and 300,000 youth at risk in the United States. Recognizing warning signs and identifying trafficked adolescents remains a challenge, in part due to myths about trafficking, its hidden nature, and the reluctance of adolescents to disclose abuse.

Click below to watch an interactive webinar hosted by CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) that provides an overview of the complex issue of human trafficking in adolescents.

The two hour session is presented by Jasmine Oglesby, MSW, Prevention Case Manager for the Adolescent Initiative at CHOP and Erica Smith, MEd, Adolescent Case Manager for the Adolescent Initiative at CHOP and the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center. The moderator is Marné Castillo, PhD, MEd, Research Scientist in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at CHOP and Violence Prevention Initiative Fellow.

Webinar Topics

  • Define human trafficking and other related terms
  • Identify signs that your patient or client may be a trafficked youth
  • Identify root causes of trafficking and transactional sex
  • Explore your role and responsibilities as a social worker
  • Identify resources to assist you with clients who are victims of trafficking

PDF of Presentation Slides

Click here to access a PDF of the presentation slides.

**Please note that only those who attended the live presentation of this webinar on August 15, 2017 are eligible for Continuing Education Credit.

CHOP VPI Webinar: Human Trafficking in Adolescents