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Concussion Care Education

concussion care resource

As part of the Minds Matter: Improving Pediatric Concussion Care project at CIRP, a series of educational resources have been developed for use by teachers, coaches, healthcare providers and parents to help children and youth optimize their recovery from a concussion injury. A website, infographics, posters, facts sheets, and short videos provide evidence-based, best practice information and tips for concussion care education. Congressional testimony on pediatric traumatic brain injury provides expert perspective for policymakers and advocates.

Concussion Care for Kids: Minds Matter

This family and stakeholder-friendly Website is a comprehensive online resource about pediatric concussion management.

Minds Matter: The Truth on Concussions

This series of colorful materials provides concussion stakeholders with helpful concussion care information presented in relatable terms for youth and parents. 

Concussion Care Education Infographics

Click on links below to share engaging JPG graphics in e-blasts, e-newsletters, school and team websites, and over social media to spread the word about recognizing concussion and supporting a young person’s recovery.  You can also use your tablet or iPad to scroll through and explain an infographic with a youth or parent.

Concussion Care Education Posters

Download these PDF files and take them to your favorite printer. They are formatted to print as 11x17” posters and also work as 8.5x11” flyers.

Concussion Care Education Videos

CHOP experts answer common questions about youth concussion in a series of eight short videos.

Concussion Care Education Fact Sheets

Easy-to-print, 2-page fact sheets put concussion facts at parent's fingertips, help families log symptoms and recovery milestones

Concussion Research Infographics