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The world of child injury prevention advances quickly in big and small steps each day. The Research In Action blog shares credible and timely commentary on the latest news, research, events, and more as we work together to keep children safe. We invite thought-provoking comments to spur friendly conversation among our readers. We feel that the regular posting of well-informed commentary by our readers will only enhance the quality of our blog. Comments are moderated by the Research In Action blog staff. The comments section is not intended to be a forum for specific parenting advice or to promote a product. Please use the "Contact Us" form for any information requests. Read more about our Commenting Guidelines.

Blogging to Turn Research Into Action

Welcome to the Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP)’s new Injury Blog! At CIRP, we recognize that to save lives and prevent injuries, we need to partner with you, the stakeholders who want to cure the epidemic of injury - community groups and non-profit organizations, government and regulatory bodies, industry, clinicians, and, most importantly interested children, teens and their families. Our scientific foundation can only make a difference when it informs the design and use of programs, policies and products and you are the change agents who make this happen. Through the Injury Blog, we hope to share important issues and scientific advances with the hope that this information will help to be useful to you, our stakeholders, and will help us work together to bring the evidence to practical solutions to address the epidemic of injury.

Driving Into the Future

Welcome to the new blog for the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! I’m Patty Huang, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at CHOP with an interest in the safety of children and teens with developmental disabilities, and I will be the moderator of this blog.

A Most Meaningful Interview

About a year ago, I was approached for an interview by a group of third grade journalists involved in Healthy NewsWorks.

How Did Your State Do?

Back in May 2012, the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) released The Facts Hurt, a state by state report on injury death rates and a report card for how well states scored on 10 indicators of injury prevention steps.

Pennsylvania had the 30th highest rate of injury, and scored 5 out of 10 for the key indicators for injury prevention steps. Since the report, nothing has changed.

PA received credit for:

ADHD and Driving- Part 1

My colleagues and CIRP researchers Flaura Winston, MD, PhD and Catherine McDonald PhD, RN recently published an editorial in JAMA Pediatrics  about the combined impact of ADHD and distraction on novice teen drivers and suggest an approach to informing the development of evidence-based interventions. As a developmental pediatrician, this is of great interest to me. The most common driving-related scenario I face in my clinic is when parents of teens with ADHD ask about whether their teen is ready to drive.