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Secondary Traumatic Stress

New Resource Alert: COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare Staff and Their Patient Families

April 23, 2020
Access COVID-19 resources for healthcare staff and patient families created by the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress (CPTS) to address the psychological and emotional effects of the pandemic and promote coping and resilience.

New Resource Alert: Injury Research In Action YouTube Channel

February 12, 2020
Learn about the science behind CIRP's research on the new Injury Research In Action YouTube Channel.

Helping Those Who Help Others

October 29, 2019
Learn how the Stress-Less Initiative, a trauma-informed organizational group model to prevent and reduce secondary traumatic stress, can be used to also address burnout in those who work directly with youth within the juvenile justice system.

How Healthcare Systems Can Support Staff and Prevent Secondary Traumatic Stress

July 18, 2019
Learn about the Stress-Less Initiative, a trauma-informed group model which strives to reduce secondary traumatic stress and address unresolved trauma reactions in an effort to maintain professionals’ physical and mental health.
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