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Back-to-School Concerns: Don’t Forget About Guns in the Home

August 29, 2017
As back-to-school time approaches, it’s a good time to remind parents and caregivers to ask about the presence of a gun in a home before they allow their children to visit.

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New Research Points to Factors Involved in Pediatric PTS

July 25, 2017
Read more about new CIRP@CHOP research showing how children cope with an injury and potential ways to prevent posttraumatic stress.

New Resource Alert: Medscape Segment on Teens with ADHD & Driving

July 10, 2017
Learn about how clinicians can help families prepare their teens with ADHD for driving in this Medscape segment featuring Thomas J. Power, PhD, a CHOP expert in ADHD.

New Resource Alert: Medscape Segment on Autism Spectrum Disorder & Driving

April 27, 2017

Watch a Medscape video from Patty Huang, MD, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at CHOP, on teens with autism spectrum disorder and driving informed by new research conducted at CIRP@CHOP.

New Brief Screening Tools for Posttraumatic Stress

December 7, 2016
Read about new CIRP@CHOP research about a tool that can help busy clinicians, school nurses, and others seeing in service settings screen for posttraumatic stress in children.

Research Tool Aims to Help Children Recover After Injury

October 24, 2016
Learn about a new CIRP@CHOP research tool that aims to help researchers better understand how parents and children interact after an injury.

AAP Releases New Policy Statement on Improving Pediatric Injury Care

September 19, 2016
Last month the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a Policy Statement on Management of Pediatric Trauma to guide a comprehensive approach for improving outcomes for injured children. With 20 million children injured each year in the US, this guidance is timely and much needed. In this post, Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD shares key points from the statement that highlight the need to attend to the emotional recovery of injured children.

Good Passengers and Not Good Passengers…

September 12, 2016
To better understand how teen drivers perceive peer passengers as safety risks, we conducted a series of focus group sessions with 30 newly licensed teen drivers ages 16 to 18. Read about the findings, which were recently published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing.

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New Resource Alert: Medical Traumatic Stress Guide for Working with Children in Foster Care

August 24, 2016
A new resource developed by the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress in partnership with Northeast Treatment Centers supports nurses and clinicians that provide care to patients in the child welfare system. The online course provides a 1.0 Continuing Education Credit for nurses.

Reducing the Impact of a Potentially Traumatic Event

March 14, 2016
Pediatric healthcare providers have the unique opportunity to impact the reactions of families and patients to a potentially traumatic event (PTE). This blog post shares how to guide patients to reframe their thoughts and to foster resilience by practicing trauma-informed care.


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