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What’s New in Driving Assessment and More At This Year’s Lifesavers

April 9, 2018

I’m excited to be attending this year’s Lifesavers Conference on Highway Safety Priorities (April 22-24) in San Antonio and especially looking forward to the first session on Sunday – Are They Really Ready for a Driver License? 

This session will feature Don Petit, Registrar of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OBMV), who has been CHOP’s partner, along with Diagnostic Driving, in implementing Ready-Assess™ as the Ohio Portable Driving Simulator System (PDSS) in licensing centers across Ohio. Part of the Drive Toward a Safer Ohio initiative, the Ohio PDSS is designed as a screen for adequate skills prior to taking the on-road examination.

Ready-Assess In use
Ready-Assess software in use

Don will share OBMV’s experience with implementing the Ohio PDSS and results from the ongoing pilot. The Ohio PDSS is a completely self-directed virtual driving test that includes instructions, a practice driver and one of  ten randomly assigned driving scenarios (to avoid predicting the course layout or the order of the assessment criteria). The software builds on over two decades of CHOP research that resulted in a scientifically validated drive that can assess driver performance in situations known to be critical to safety.

Registrar Petit will also share how he and his team:

  • collaborated with ODPS and the Ohio legislature to develop the concept of a PDSS pilot
  • developed an RFP grounded in adopting evidence-based methods
  • worked with ODPS subject matter experts, CHOP researchers, and Diagnostic Driving Inc. to adapt ReadyAssess as the PDSS software for Ohio
  • determined primary objectives for the pilot

CIRP@CHOP’s partnership with ODPS and Ohio BMV has been incredibly rewarding for me. To see years of theory and lab-based development of an intervention work as intended in real world application is gratifying. It will be great to hear from the Registrar, his wisdom about licensing, and experience with the PDSS so far.

A Second Sunday Session to Attend

My CIRP@CHOP colleague, Allison E. Curry, PhD, MPH, senior scientist and director of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at CIRP and assistant professor of Pediatrics at Penn, will also be part of a panel on GDL advocacy efforts – Protecting Young Drivers: The Latest Developments in Legislation and Where We Go From Here – later on Sunday. The talk-show format of the session will be led by Allan Williams, PhD who will pose questions to panelists about the latest research on GDL and recent advocacy efforts to strengthen GDL programs in California and other states. 

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