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Road Safety Work in Action in Israel

March 20, 2013

Moderator's note: This is part two of a four part weekly series about Dr. Winston's recent trip to Israel. See parts one, three, and four.

Last week I blogged about Beterem, a national child safety organization in Israel, and its successful research-to-action model. As a I traveled about Israel over the past two weeks, I captured some of Israel's road safety work in action as well as daily life unfolding.

Restrained and helmeted child on a bicycle in Tel Aviv, Israel

In many communities there are dedicated bike lanes, separate from the vehicle and from pedestrians, but in areas where this isn't possible, bikes either share the road with pedestrians (as in this street marking) or with the cars:

Shared bike and pedestrian lane

There is a wide array of very creative and positive billboard signs to promote safety.  The campaign from my friends at the Israel National Road Safety Authority has the tagline - "Think Life" (Hoshvim Chaim). 


Translation: "On the road, their belt is their hug. Bottom: Think Life." 




Translation: "Life depends on your velocity (speed). Don't break them.
Bottom: Think Life." 



Translation: "Driver! We don't move before everybody is buckled up. Bottom: Think Life." 



 Translation: "Traffic signs are lifesavers. Listen to them. Bottom: Think Life." 
These billboards are sponsored by the Israel National Road Safety Authority and the local council of the the town, Kokhav Ya-ir.
Pictured from right: Me with the CEO of the Road Safety Authority, Ron Moskovitz, and others (taken in 2012 – we met, again, on this trip to discuss road safety topics). 

Stay tuned next week for part three of Dr. Winston's blog posts about a recent trip to Israel.