Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

December 27, 2017

As we wrap up 2017, we wanted to re-share our most popular posts in the last year:

  1. What's Up With Fidget Spinners – As one of the most popular fads of 2017, fidget spinners were seemingly everywhere. This blog post reports on some of the safety risks associated with this toy.
  2. New Resource Alert: Teen Driving Program Planning & Evaluation Guide – This blog post introduced a resource on how to establish and implement an evidence-informed, practical process to plan, select, and evaluate teen driver safety programs.
  3. Honoring the Entrepreneurial Spirit of a Child – Bishop Curry, at the time a 10 year old son of a Toyota employee, came up with a design that he hoped might prevent hot car deaths among children in car seats. His father's quest to share this vision led to an invitation to tour Toyota's Collaborative Safety Research Center and attend the Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies' annual Advances in Child Injury Prevention conference. Their conversation is documented in this blog post. 
  4. Teens On the Autism Spectrum Are Getting Licensed – In this blog post, Dr. Allison Curry describes the findings from her study on the current rates and patterns of licensure among adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders. 
  5. Concussion in Kids with ADHD – ADHD is both a risk factor for sustaining concussions, as well as a risk factor for more severe symptoms and a prolonged recovery. We discuss recent statistics and thoughts about prevention in this blog post.

We thank all of our loyal readers, and wish you all a joyful and healthy new year!