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Now Online: NJ Decal Law Webinar Video

April 25, 2013
nj decal license plate

In a March 1st post, Policy Petri Dish: NJ Decal Law Resonates, I described the health policy community’s keen interest in CIRP@CHOP’s research on New Jersey’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) “decal” requirement. Later that month the Public Health Law Webinar Series hosted a panel of research and program experts to discuss the NJ GDL Decal requirement. Experts from University of New South Wales in Australia, the Commonwealth of New Jersey, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) presented on the global history of identifiers, implementation of the program in NJ, and the effect of the NJ decal in the first year of implementation.

During the webinar more than 150 participants listened in and texted many questions to presenters. Because not every item could be addressed in the time frame of the live presentation, the presenters provided written responses to the many questions about the Australia experience and the NJ experience, as well as specifics about the CHOP research study.

The recorded webinar and related questions and answers from March 21st are now available. Access this information as a practical primer on using GDL vehicle identifier requirements as part of a state GDL program.

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