Center for Injury Research and Prevention

New Resource Alert: Medical Traumatic Stress Guide for Mental Health Professionals

February 23, 2016
CPTS Mental Health Professional Resource Guide

A new resource developed by the Center for Pediatric Traumatic Stress supports mental health professionals who provide care to children and families experiencing medical traumatic stress. Working with Children and Families Experiencing Medical Traumatic Stress:A Resource Guide for Mental Health Professionals was created to help mental health professionals:

  • better understand medical traumatic stress and its impact on families
  • improve collaboration with medical providers around medical traumatic stress
  • access other evidence-based resources and tools to help patients experiencing medical traumatic stress after an injury

Designed to help hospital-based psychosocial professionals working with children and families impacted by injury, as well as community-based providers that receive referrals from healthcare providers and healthcare teams, the guide also provides psychosocial screening, assessment, and intervention resources and materials.

Access the new guide and other tools and resources at