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National Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 2nd

May 24, 2016

Next Thursday, June 2nd, National Gun Violence Awareness Day will be marked with events around the country. Sponsored by grassroots organization Everytown for Gun Safety, supporters are encouraged to "Wear Orange" to raise awareness and honor the 91 killed and hundreds more injured by gun violence in the US each day.

National Gun Violence Awareness Day 2016
Image Credit: Everytown for Gun Safety

As we previously blogged, according to 2014 research published in Academic Pediatrics, approximately eight children die of gunfire daily in the US. Among children and youth aged 1-24 years, guns cause two times as many deaths as cancer, five times as many as heart disease, and 20 times as many as infections. In CHOP’s Emergency Department (ED), clinicians have seen an increasing number of youth injured through violence, often including guns, with numbers rising from 308 in 2013 to 480 in 2015.

CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative (VPI) is dedicated to bringing a trauma-informed approach to violence prevention intervention at multiple touchpoints in a child’s lifespan. This includes an ED-based program which provides direct services to patients who are treated for assault injuries, including gun shots, in CHOP’s ED or Trauma Unit between the ages of 8 and 18 years old.

To access recent local legislative testimony on gun violence delivered by VPI representatives, click here.

To find a "Wear Orange" event on June 2nd near you, click here.

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