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Lifesavers: CIRP Shares Engineering Behavioral and Community-based Research to Protect Child Occupants

February 20, 2014

The Lifesavers Conference (Nashville, April 27-29, 2014) provides tremendous continuing education around child passenger safety (CPS) through its Occupant Protection for Children track. My colleague from SafeKids Worldwide, Lorrie Walker, and her committee have worked to assemble the most current information on CPS over 13 different workshops and six pre-conference workshops.

CIRP@CHOP will be presenting in four of these workshops:

On April 26, Mark Zonfrillo, MD, MSCE will present at a pre-conference workshop on Preteen Passenger Safety that will examine this population’s current restraint practices and crash-related injury patterns, as well as how preteens acquire information about child passenger safety and what influences their child passenger safety practice.

Aditya Belwadi, PhD, a pediatric biomechanics researcher, will speak in two different workshops: Children In and Around Cars: A Comprehensive Look at Prevention Strategies, which will examine technical, behavioral and educational strategies to limit and stop pediatric heat stroke in vehicles. Dr. Belwadi will share details from a CIRP evaluation of various products designed to prevent drivers from leaving children in the rear seat of vehicles on warm days, causing heat stroke. A full report on this research is available from NHTSA here.

Dr. Belwadi will also present in What's New In Research, Part 2, a workshop focused on LATCH-related research and action. Along with Sarah Tilton of Britax USA, he will give attendees a peak inside the CRS Fitment in the vehicle-to-seat environment. Dr. Belwadi will also describe his work to examine the physical characteristics of various infant child seats through a combination of advanced computational modeling and “virtual fitment” techniques.

In Bringing At-Risk Community Partners to the OPC Table, I am working with Georjeane Blumling and Diana Dias from AAA Clubs of Tidewater, VA and Southern New England to present on our experience with partnering with community groups to increase booster seat use among at-risk families. CIRP and AAA recently collaborated to create and test a Boosting Restraint Norms practice model that can be used by AAA clubs to help them implement the campaign while maintaining the integrity of the campaign previously piloted by CHOP in a Pennsylvania community. In this workshop Georjeane and Diana will share how we found the right partners to help us bring the Boosting Restraint Norms social marketing campaign’s message of “Avoid the Regret” to families in their communities. In addition to our presentation, different programs from Indiana and Minnesota will be presented.

There are 10 other workshops, spanning behavioral, engineering and technical topics:

  • Building Capacity: How to Grow, Maintain and Keep Technicians Active
  • Creative CPS Partnerships and Programs: New Ideas, New Approaches to Increase Seat Belt Use for Post-Booster Seat Children and Beyond
  • Diving Into the Newly Revised Curricula: CPS Certification, Special Needs and Ambulance
  • Explaining LATCH and Labeling Changes Curbside
  • How to Use Data to Develop and Evaluate Your CPS Program
  • School Buses: Regulations and Best Practices
  • Strategies and Practices for Developing Strong Hospital-Based OPC Programs
  • What's New in Research, Part 1 (Why Some Parents Skip Restraint Use Steps for Their Children)
  • What's New in Research, Part 3 (Vehicle-to-Child Safety seat Compatibility)

Interested in teen driver safety topics at Lifesavers? Click here.

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