Center for Injury Research and Prevention

ICYMI October 2019

November 4, 2019

Happy autumn! Here is a roundup of newsworthy articles in the world of child injury prevention from the past month:

Intentional Self-Poisonings Among Children and Young Adults

A study of suicide attempts by self poisoning by children and young adults found that over the counter pain medications, antidepressants, and antihistamines were the top substances involved that resulted in serious medical outcomes.

Later School Starts A Reality in California

The governor of California recently signed a bill that mandated middle schools could not start before 8 am and high schools could not start before 8:30 am. Read our previous blog post on high school start times and drowsy driving.

Continued Dangers of Vaping

Animal models suggest that vaping negatively impacts brain development. What does this mean for teenagers?

Lawnmower Injuries in the US

Lawnmower injuries are more prevalent in rural areas, where injuries also tend to occur among younger children and lead to more severe medical outcomes. Read our blog post on lawnmower injuries.

Concussion Among Various High School Sports

Data from the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study database found that the high school sports with the highest incidence of concussion were boys' football, girls' soccer, and boys' ice hockey.

Prevalence of Sexual Assault in College

A recent survey of leading colleges and universities found that nearly 25 percent of undergraduate women and 10 percent of female graduate students have experienced sexual assult since starting at their schools.

Mental Health Is A Valid Reason for a Sick Day

In light of the increasing prevalence of suicide attempts and completions among teens, schools in Utah and Oregon have allowed students to take school days off for mental health reasons.

Injury Risks From Skiing Depend on Age

Elementary school aged children are at higher risk for fractures of the skull and face compared to teens in high school, whereas middle school aged children are more likely to sustain an intra-abdominal injury from skiing.

Female Crash Test Dummies Need Improvement

Read this in-depth piece from Consumer Reports on how the limitations of female crash test dummies put female drivers and passengers at risk in car crashes.

Bringing Driving Training to the Today Show

Watch the son of theToday Show's Natalie Morales go through the learning-to-drive process and take Ready-Assess, a virtual driving test created by CIRP Scientific Director Dr. Flaura Winston and Diagnostic Driving, Inc., as part of his journey.

Working Memory and Teen Car Crashes

A new study led by CIRP researchers found that teens with a slower growth trajectory of working memory were more likely to report having been involved in a car crash.

Trends in Suicide Attempts Among Teens, Examined by Race/Ethnicity and Gender

A new study found although the prevalence of suicide attempts decreased among girls overall between 1991 and 2017, suicide attempts increased among black boys and girls.