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ICYMI November: Ridesharing and Motor Vehicle Crashes, Smartphones and Suicide, Spit Test for Concussion, and more!

November 30, 2017

Here is our roundup for newsworthy articles from the past month:

Does Ridesharing Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes?

This study examined the impact of ridesharing services on motor vehicle crashes in 4 different cities. 

A Debate Over Headgear in Girls' Lacrosse

This New York Times article describes the contentious battle over headgear in high school and collegiate girls' lacrosse. 

Suicide and Smartphone Use in Teens

In this extended essay, the author of a recently published study that found an association between suicidal behaviors and smartphone use describes its implications.

Using Spit Test to Diagnose Concussion

A new study finds that a spit test may be an accurate way to diagnose prolonged concussion symptoms in children.

Injuries in Young Children with Autism

A new study finds that young children with autism are not at increased risk for unintentional injury.

More Than Concussions: Football-Related Injuries

Risks from playing football are not only limited to concussions, but also include many other disabling and costly injuries, as described in this STAT First Opinion article. 

Dangerous Toys this Holiday Season

Shopping for young children this holiday season? The annual survey of hazardous toys from the Pennsylvania Public Interest Group can be found here

Machine Learning to Identify Suicidal Thoughts

This new study found that a machine-learning system could identify individuals with suicidal thoughts based on fMRI scans.

Depression is Rising

According to this new study, depression in the US is on the rise, notably among adolescents.