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ICYMI May 2019: Snakebites, Heart Rate and Post Traumatic Stress, Distracted Walking Ban, Hot Cars, the Danger of Sitting Devices, and More

June 3, 2019

Here are some interesting child injury prevention articles from May 2019:

Suicide Rising Among Girls

Although suicide is still more frequent among boys, a new study finds that since 2007, the rate of suicide completion among girls has almost doubled, and is rising faster than that for boys. 

Sitting Devices and Infant Deaths

A new study in Pediatrics explored infant deaths in sitting devices, and found that among those who died in car seats, the car seats were being used as directed in <10%. We previously blogged about the risk of injury in infants and young children in sitting and carrying devices

Heart Rate As Predictor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A new study found that elevated heart rate may be associated with increased risk for post traumatic stress disorder in children.

The Changing Effects of Marijuana

Increasing potency of marijuana (as measured by percentage of THC) in dispenseries and elsewhere may lead to adverse drug effects. 

Are Fines for Distracted Walking Effective? 

Road safety experts caution that a proposed bill in NY to fine pedestrians who text while walking misses the mark and may have unintentional negative consequences. 

Exploring Car Temperatures in Sun and Shade

A new study explored how hot different sized vehicles could get in different shade and sun environments, and found that surface temperatures exceeded 104 degrees after about an hour, even in shaded environments. 

ED Management of Self Harm 

Over 1,200 emergency departments were surveyed on their safety planning and management of patients who present with self harm, and found that only 15 percent of EDs routinely recommended all of the evidence based safety planning elements. 

The Danger of "Health Trends"

What could be the dangers of trying out unregulated, unapproved “health trends” online? Our Medical Director, Kevin Osterhoudt, MD, medical director of the Poison Control Center at CHOP and an associate fellow at CIRP talked to Good Day Philadelphia about the harms of ingesting bleach in the hopes of “curing” autism. Click here for the clip

The Growing Problem of Snakebites

The World Health Organization created its first strategy to reduce deaths by snakebites. 

The Benefits of Teen Sports

A new study found that teens who participate in team sports may be at lower risk for developing the consequences of childhood trauma, including anxiety and depression.