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ICYMI March 2018: Vacant Lots and Crime Rates, Gender Bias in Academic Publishing, Young Children and Political Protests, Digital Sexual Activity and Teens, and more

March 29, 2018

Here is a roundup of newsworthy articles from the past month:

Cleaning Up Vacant Lots Reduces Crime Rates

This fascinating randomized controlled study examines the effects of restoring and remediating vacant lots on crime rates in urban neighborhoods. They found that restored lots were associated with an increased sense of safety and security among residents, and a substantially lower crime rate, including gun assaults.

Teen Driving and Gun Safety

The courageous and inspiring teenagers from Stoneman Douglas have forced the issue of teenage safety into national conversation. This New York Times editorial asks us to consider other risks for teenagers as well, especially teen driver crashes.

Gender Bias in Academic Publishing

This interesting study examines gender bias in academic publishing. Researchers found an equal gender split in basic science papers, but in clinical research papers, women were under-represented as first authors.

A Physician's Perspective on Gun Violence 

Read this moving Philadelphia Inquirer perspective from an emergency department physician on what he sees in the emergency room that haunts him. He asks, "Are reasonable solutions to gun violence too much to ask to save the lives of children?"

Young Children at a Political March

This interesting piece in the Chicago Tribune discusses what factors parents might want to consider if they are thinking about bringing their young children to a political protest or march. Read this New York Times article to learn how school districts around the country sought to manage these factors. 

What is Causing the Rise in ADHD Diagnosis?

A new study of a large cohort of twin children in Sweden finds that mild ADHD symptoms have increased over time, while severe symptoms have not. Its authors suggest that the rise of ADHD diagnosis is not necessarily due to an increase in significant symptoms, but in fact to other potential factors (such as awareness of parents and clinicians, access to health care, and cultural norms). 

A Punishment for the Parents of Kids Who Bully

A Pennsylvania lawmaker proposes legislation to impose fines for the parents of children who bully repeatedly.

Remote Control Driving of Autonomous Vehicles

When self driving cars meet an "edge condition" with no human at the wheel, what are the options? This New York Times article describes how some companies are trying to develop teleoperation of self driving cars to help in these situations.

The Dangers of Specialization in Sports

A new study finds that parents continue to push specialization in sports, which can lead to overuse injuries

One Journal's Response to Tragedy

The impact of the horrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida continues to ripple through all different communities. In response to the tragedy, the American Journal of Public Health has opened access to their vault of research papers, commentaries, and essays on public health and firearms for all to read, free of charge. 

Parenting in the Age of Digital Sexual Activity

Sexual activity among high school students is decreasing, but digital sexual activity is on the rise. This New York Times article offers some tips for parents on how to discuss digital sexual behaviors (commonly known as sexting) with their children and teenagers.