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ICYMI: Kentucky School Shooting, Roadside Detection of Marijuana Impairment, Gender Dysphoria, Sexual Abuse and Intellectual Disability, and more...

January 30, 2018

Here is a roundup of some newsworthy articles from the past month:

School Shooting in Kentucky: Have We Become Numb? 

This New York Times article explores the varying impact of recent school shootings, which have become all too common.

Repeated Hits and the Risk of CTE: It's Not Just Concussions

A new study reveals that repeated hits to the head, even without diagnosis of concussion, can increase risk of CTE. (And Brett Favre admits that he would be happier if his sons didn't play football.) 

Are Children with Gender Dysphoria at Risk for Other Psychological Conditions? 

This article explores a new study on psychological conditions which may be associated with gender dysphoria, along with the controversy around it. 

The Challenge of Detecting Marijuana Impairment While Driving

This article in Stat News describes efforts for roadside detection of impairment from marijuana while driving, including a Breathalyzer-like device.

Sexual Abuse among Individuals with Intellectual Disability- An NPR multi-series

This article explores the scope of the epidemic of sexual abuse perpetrated against individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID).

Read about the experiences of sexual abuse in the victims' own words, and the accounts of the therapists who treat victims with ID. 

Here is a look into the role of sexual education in protecting individuals with ID from becoming victims of sexual abuse.

Finally, this article explores why cases of sexual assault of individuals with ID are among the hardest to prosecute, and what a few prosecutors are doing about it.