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ICYMI June 2019: Laundry Pod Poisoning, Distracted Driving, and Injuries from Cosmetics

July 2, 2019

Happy Summer! Here are some interesting child injury prevention articles from June 2019:

How to Prevent Teen Worker Injury

On-the-job injuries occur at a higher rate in young adults than in older adults, and the majority of these injuries are preventable.

Exposure to Self-Harm Images on Instagram

New research from the University of Pennsylvania shows the connection between exposure to self-harm pictures on Instagram and the increased suicide risk of young adults.

Laundry Pod Poisoning Still a Problem

New research published in Pediatrics shows that although the internet trend of eating laundry pods has decreased in recent years, exposure to children over age 6 has increased We previously discussed the danger of ingesting laundry pods

Adolescent Phone Addiction is a Growing Problem

NPR’s Morning Edition discusses the growing problem of adolescent phone addiction. Although technology isn’t a typically recognized form of addiction, it is a real problem for many teenagers and many seek help.

How to Keep Teens from Driving Distracted

WHYY’s Modern Kids discusses different strategies to prevent distracted driving in teens and includes tips from Catherine C. MacDonald, PhD.

Injuries from Cosmetics

New research reports that over 4,000 children are treated in emergency departments every year for unintentional injuries from cosmetics, particularly from hair products such as relaxer and perm solutions.