Research In Action

Research In Action

ICYMI July 2021
August 3, 2021

Here is our monthly roundup of interesting articles about pediatric injury prevention from the past month:

Racial Disparities in Fatal Drownings

This report summarizes trends in fatal drowning over the past 20 years and includes recent studies exploring racial and ethnic disparities in fatal drowning rates.

Mental Health and Childhood Suicide

In a new study examining factors associated with childhood suicide, one-third of the children were identified to have had a specific mental health concern, and more than 75% of these children were receiving mental health treatment at the time of death.

Predicting Self-Harm Behaviors

Risk factors for self-harm behaviors in some adolescents may be identified as early as 10 years in advance, but other adolescents may not show risk factors until the teenage years, according to a new study. This heterogeneity suggests that prevention strategies should consider these individual and complex differences.    

ADHD Medication and Suicide Risk

A new study found that children with significant externalizing behaviors (e.g. aggression, oppositional/defiant symptoms) who were treated with ADHD medications had lower odds for suicidal behaviors. In one year follow-up evaluations, those who were treated with ADHD medications were less likely to be suicidal, whereas those not treated with medications were more likely to be suicidal.

How to Save a Child From Drowning

NPR shares some helpful and practical tips to prevent pediatric drowning.