Center for Injury Research and Prevention

ICYMI December 2019

January 2, 2020

Here is our monthly roundup of newsworthy articles in the world of child injury prevention:

The Extended Impact of Exposure to School Shootings

A recent study exploring the mental health of children attending schools in the communities exposed to school shootings found that the average rate of antidepressant use among youths rose (and stayed elevated) by 20 percent within two to three years.  

State Concussion Policies: Why Is This Hard For High Schools?

High school athletic trainers reveal the barriers to and challenges of following state concussion protocols in a new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health

Brain Response to Movie Violence

A new study of older adolescents found that their brains responded differently to viewing movie violence, depending on whether the violence was deemed to be justified versus unjustified.

What We Know About Pediatric Concussions

This WebMD article nicely summarizes what we currently know about pediatric concussions (including the impact of gender and race/ethnicity on concussion recovery and preventative strategies), as well as what we still don't know.

BB Guns and Injury

The number of injuries, and in particular injuries to the eye, from BB guns rose from 1990 to 2016. 

How Climate Change Affects Children

This article discusses the potentially traumatic impact of climate change--both the exposure to and fear of--on the minds of children. 

Suicide Risk and Smartphone Use: What Does The Evidence Say?

Annenberg Public Policy Center Research Director and CIRP Senior Fellow Dr. Dan Romer's book explores the evidence behind purported links between smartphone/social media use and teen suicide.

Injuries from Cell Phones

A study exploring head and neck injuries related to cell phone use found that children under age 13 were more likely to sustain a direct mechanical injury from a cell phone than to have an injury related to cell phone usage.