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ICYMI August: Hot Car Legislation, Football & Concussion, and Preventing Teen Suicide

August 31, 2017

Here is our ICYMI news roundup for August 2017:

Hot Cars Bill

A bill to help prevent child heatstroke in cars was introduced to the Senate. CIRP@CHOP’s Aditya Belwadi, PhD discusses how a combination of legislation, research, technology, and awareness is needed on NPR’s All Things Considered.

How NFL's Engineering Roadmap Leverages Car Crash Research

An in-depth article from the Associated Press details how the NFL is allocating its $100 million pledge to concussion research, including $60 million to developing better protective equipment. Dr. Kristy Arbogast and colleagues discuss how they are leveraging car crash research for this effort. 

Trends in High School Football - 1950's and Today

A Scientific American Op-ed co-authored by CIRP@CHOP's Christina Master, MD describes a study she conducted with colleagues from Wharton School. They tapped in to data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS), which has followed a random sample of Wisconsin class of 1957 high school graduates, to look at the long-term health of high school football players. They found no long-term harmful effects for players who are now in their 70's. But they caution that today's high school football player are exposed to different injury risks as the game has evolved: Today's players are bigger, faster, stonger, and may hit harder than their grandparents. This leads to our next 'find".  

This Washington Post article reports that high school programs are starting to drop varsity football programs; reasons include change in demographics, cost, and concern about concussion.

Parents Unaware of Risks of Concussion from Sports Beyond Football

A recent study reveals that parents may not be aware that other sports, especially girls' soccer and cheerleading, are potentially more likely to be associated with concussions. Experts from CHOP's Concussion Care for Kids: Minds Matter program recently provided practical advice and information for parents on Philadelphia's WMMR. Listen to podcasts of their interview.

What We Know about Preventing Teen Suicide

This New York Times piece reviews evidence-based recommendations for preventing teen suicide.

Mobile Technology and Big Data

This blog post is about the research of Kit Delgado, MD, CIRP@CHOP associate fellow, which explores the ethical considerations of collecting data via mobile technology. While the data collected from connected devices can be used for a variety of health conditions and behaviors, ranging from diabetes to reducing illegal driving behaviors, the amount of personal and sensitive data collected as part of these interventions require broader and thoughtful deliberation of how the data will be stored and used.