Center for Injury Research and Prevention

ICYMI August 2019

September 4, 2019

Here is our monthly round up of newsworthy articles in the world of child injury prevention for August 2019:

Military Parent Injury: The Health Care Impact on Children

A new study found that military connected children had decreased rates of preventive care visits and increased rates of visits for injuries, maltreatment, and mental health care in the period after a parent's injury. 

Mass Shootings and Red Flag Gun Laws

A new study in Annals of Internal Medicine found that red flag gun laws, which have been shown to reduce frequency of suicides, may also have prevented mass shootings.

Access to Guns and Teen Suicide

A haunting article in The Trace illustrates the critical impact of gun storage/access safety laws on teen suicide.

The Danger of Supplements

This Washington Post article discusses how dietary supplements may be ineffective and even dangerous, especially for children.

Predicting Unintentional Injury In Children

Psychologists outline a model -- with three categories: environment-based, caregiver-based and child-based factors -- to predict and prevent unintentional injuries in children.

Monitoring Cell Phones to Prevent Suicide in Teens

A study uses machine learning to predict suicidal behaviors in teenagers by tracking their cell phone use.

Brain Injury from Non-Concussive Hits

A new study finds that hits to the brain in football players that don't cause concussions can still lead to changes in the brain.