Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Flashback Friday- Summertime Safety

June 22, 2018

With summer now in full swing, we wanted to use today's Flashback Friday post to look back at some of our previous summertime safety posts.

Summertime Concussion Guidance 

Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician Dan Corwin discusses how concussion management may differ in the summertime compared to when kids are in school.

Striking a Summertime Safety Balance 

The rate of teen driver-related crashes is highest in the summer. Dr. Durbin recommends ways for parents to let their teens safely enjoy the freedoms of summer.

Disparities in Drowning 

CDC's drowning statistics show racial disparities may be passed generation to generation. Should swim instruction be required as school curricula to break cycle?

#Heatstroke Kills: National Heatstroke Prevention Day 2016 

This post from July 31st, 2016 marked National Heatstroke Prevention Day. Led by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the day is intended to bring awareness and education to the public about understanding and preventing pediatric heatstroke.

Readiness To Mow 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 9,000 children each year seek emergency room treatment for injuries sustained by a lawn mower. Here are tips for parents to follow to prevent these injuries from occurring.

Happy summer and stay safe!