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Flashback Friday: National Bullying Prevention Month

October 30, 2020

National Bullying Prevention Month is a time dedicated to bringing awareness to bullying prevention information, programs, and educational resources. As this year's National Bullying Prevention Month comes to a close, we wanted to look back at some of our recent blog posts discussing bullying prevention:

Using Digital Innovation to Bring CHOP’s Friend to Friend Program Online

With many schools turning to virtual classroom settings during the COVID-19 pandemic, School Intervention Coach Ann Perepezko, LSW explains how CHOP's Friend to Friend team quickly adapted its in-person elementary program to bring it online.

Using Scientific Edutainment to Prevent School Bullying

Read how bullying prevention researchers at CHOP explored the new paradigm of scientific edutainment in collaboration with an international technology team to develop a bullying prevention program for middle school students.

Pediatricians Play a Key Role in Bullying Prevention

Stephen Leff, PhD shares highlights from a commentary published in the journal Pediatrics where the vital and unique role pediatricians play in curbing bullying is explored.

Peer Sympathy is Key to Reducing School Bullying

In this blog post, Tracy Evian Waasdorp, PhD, MEd discusses findings from a study that examined the factors associated with sympathy for victims of bullying.

Bullying Prevention Resources

Read a recent CHOP Health Tip on Cyberbullying During COVID-19.

View the Center for Violence Prevention's (CVP) bullying prevention evidence-based fact sheets.

Watch CVP Co-Director Stephen Leff, PhD discuss cyberbullying and remote learning in this 6ABC Action News clip.