Center for Injury Research and Prevention

Child Injury Prevention Holiday Wish List

December 23, 2013

In the spirit of my Thanksgiving post about items for which I’m grateful in the pediatric injury world, I thought I’d make my holiday “wish list” for the next year and beyond. 

Main wish - that all children can grow up to reach their full potential.

1. Child occupant protection and Graduated Driver Licensing Laws in every state that reflect current science

2. Universal access to safety equipment (e.g., helmets, child safety seats, booster seats, smoke detectors, life preservers, etc.) as durable medical equipment under the Affordable Care Act

3. Increased federal, state and NIH funding for pediatric injury prevention research and implementation, including adoption and implementation of the National Action Plan on Child Injury

4. Increased demand for proof of the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of digital health solutions

5. Improved culture in youth sports that recognizes child development and safety and focuses on preventing concussions

6. Universal access to trauma-informed emergency and injury care for all children and youth (i.e., recognizing that treatment and recovery requires focus on the physical and psychological needs of the child)

7. Universal background checks for all firearms transactions, including private, internet, and gun show sales

8. Evidence-based resources and approaches for assessing and training young drivers and managing their high crash risk

9. Continued attention to improving vehicles, restraints, dummies and test protocols to match real child injury risks

10. Increased recognition and treatment of precursors to youth violence (including bullying, family violence and assault injuries)

What items are on your holiday wish list this year? Tweet me your ideas @safetymd #CIRPholidaywish