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Implicit Racial Bias Common Among Resident Physicians in ER

Tiffani Johnson, MD, is an attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at CHOP and a PolicyLab team member who is leading research in the area of physicians' implicit racial bias towards children. Today, Dr. Johnson is sharing some of the projects findings as a guest blogger for Research in Action.

New Evidence Supports Children Under 2 are Safest Riding Rear-Facing

A new study reevaluates the safety benefits of restraining children under age 2 rear-facing versus forward-facing in motor vehicles. Learn what has and hasn't changed when it comes to keeping the youngest child passengers optimally protected.

The Hoverboard Problem Continues- Flashback Friday

This Flashback Friday post is dedicated to the danger of hoverboards, some of which have been recalled just this week.

Hidden Threats to Children In and Around Vehicles

My colleagues and I recently published a study describing the underrecognized frequency of nontraffic incidents, injuries, and fatalities among children.

Swim Safety for Children with Autism

Read more about a recent study on the effectiveness of swimming lessons for children with mild to severe autism.

Can Pre-Schoolers Show Aggression? Opportunities to Address High Expulsion Rates of Youngest Children

We are proud to share a blog authored by CHOP PolicyLab's Dr. Marsha Gerdes on the alarmingly high expulsion rates of preschoolers, and the short and potentially long-term consequences of expulsion.