Center for Injury Research and Prevention

August 2020

Why Research Became My Calling

Read about Chloe Hannan's career path from CIRP Research Trainee to her MS in Epidemiology and current role at CHOP's PolicyLab and Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness.

Age of Autism Diagnosis and Mental Health Outcomes

Read more for a discussion of a new study that explores the association between age of autism diagnosis and depression/self-harm behaviors in adolescence.

Dangers Posed by Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have become a common staple for many Americans, but a new article highlights how hand sanitizers can be a potentially dangerous product.

Get the Most Out of Youth Sports During Pandemic

Katherine A. Easby DAT, LAT, ATC, an athletic trainer in the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, shares tips on how sports teams can safely return to play during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teens Share Key Information about Access to Firearms

Read about a CHOP study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine that explores teen gun access and co-existing behavioral health risk factors to develop action steps on curbing youth injuries and fatalities from firearms.

Most Vulnerable More Likely to Drive Vehicles with Less Safety Features

Read about study findings published today in Traffic Injury Prevention that highlight important disparities in vehicle safety features among drivers by age and income.