Center for Injury Research and Prevention

March 2020

Mobility for All Featured at This Year's Lifesavers

Join us at this year's Lifesavers Conference, which features a workshop on mobility for all and Rachel K. Myers, PhD's research on supporting autistic adolescents and their families around driving.

Roadmap for Protocols Using Head Impact Sensors

A new Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) study provides insights on how to accurately evaluate head impact sensor data.

The Skull Breaker Challenge and Concussions

Read about the consequences of TikTok's "skull breaker” or “tripping jump” challenge, including the risk of prolonged symptoms of concussion.

Survey Reveals Barriers to Treating Opioid Overdoses in Schools

Read about a new study funded by the Penn Injury Science Center that reveals barriers to access and use of naloxone in schools to prevent opioid overdoses.

New Resource Alert: Updated Rear-Facing Car Seats Video

Watch a new video, updated based on best practice recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, that helps parents and caregivers choose and install the appropriate rear-facing car seat for their infant or toddler.

Teens with ADHD Need Medical Monitoring Around Driving Readiness

Read about a new CHOP study that found teens with a history of ADHD need stronger medical monitoring of health risks, including driver readiness.

All Hospitals Should be Prepared to Care for Victims of Mass Shootings

New CHOP research highlights a need for local hospitals and non-trauma centers to be ready to treat mass shooting victims.