Center for Injury Research and Prevention

January 2020

How Age and Gender Affect Emergency Takeover in Self-Driving Cars

Read about a new CChIPS study published in Traffic Injury Prevention that explores how age and sex impact a person’s ability to respond to an emergency when in a self-driving vehicle.

Identifying Young Drivers’ Critical Skill Deficits

Read an excerpt from a CHOP Research Institute Cornerstone blog about virtual driving technology developed by CHOP that Ohio is using to assess new drivers' preparedness and critical driving skills.

From Diagnosis to Recovery: How Parents Should Navigate Their Child’s Concussion

CHOP Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Christina Master offers helpful guidance to share with parents when navigating a safe, full recovery after their child's concussion.

Webinar Recording Available - "Domestic Violence, Guns, and Children: Putting Policies Into Action"

Watch a webinar hosted by CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative on the intersection of domestic violence, guns, and child abuse from policy, legal, and clinical perspectives.

Flashback Friday - Impact of Smartphones on Youth

Today's Flashback Friday post includes key highlights and findings from a recent review article on the association between digital technology use among youth and mental health.

Conducting Cognitive Research in Real World Settings

Read about why Kayla Sansevere wants to pursue a career in research after taking part in CIRP's Injury Science Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program as part of the Neuroscience of Driving team.