Center for Injury Research and Prevention

September 2019

Supervising Children in Parking Lots

Read this summary of a recent observational study published in the Journal of Safety Research that found the majority of children 2 to 10 years old were unsupervised in a parking lot.

Using Statistics to Save Lives

Read about Sarah (Yhilin) Ye's experiences as a summer intern as part of CIRP's virtual driving assessment research team in collaboration with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

My Road to Consumer Reports

Read about the undergraduate and graduate student research experiences of Ethan Douglas, MSE that led to his new position as a Senior Policy Analyst for Cars and Product Safety at Consumer Reports in Washington, DC.

Working Memory Development and Teen Crashes

Read about a new study conducted by researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Annenberg Public Policy Center that explores the role of working memory development in adolescents and motor vehicle crash risk.

Flashback Friday -- National Suicide Prevention Month

To honor National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, today's Flashback Friday post highlights previous posts on suicide prevention.

Policy Changes Could Help Close Gender Gap in Recovery From Sports-related Concussions

Read about a new study conducted by the Concussion Research team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia that explains why females with concussions have more symptoms and longer recoveries than males.

States Need to Take Action to Reduce Teen Crashes

Read an excerpt from a PolicyLab blog post on the need for states to strengthen their licensing policies to help reduce teen driver-related crashes.