Center for Injury Research and Prevention

August 2018

Why Peer Mentoring Matters

In this guest blog post from Ethan Douglas, BS, learn about the Injury Science REU Program’s Peer Mentorship component from a student’s perspective.

As Suicide Among Children and Teens Rises, Acting on Warning Signs is More Important Than Ever

New findings that suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among children and teens are on the rise in the United States unfortunately comes as no surprise. This disturbing trend indicates that parents, schools and the pediatric health system need to focus more than ever on recognizing red flags and acting on them effectively. The key questions on everyone’s minds include what are youth suicide warning signs, and how to effectively act on them?

Podcast on Distracted Driving Research

In a new Journal of School Nursing podcast, Catherine C. McDonald, PhD, RN talks about her research to develop a theoretically grounded, web-based intervention to address teen driver inattention.

What Are the Long-Term Effects of Separating Immigrant Children from Their Parents?

I recently talked with two of my colleagues at CHOP about the physical and mental impact of the U.S. policy of separating detained immigrant children from their parents at the Mexican border and how parents and other caregivers can help them heal.

Cell Phone Distraction Can Contribute to Pediatric Drowning

We know that distracted driving can result in crashes and injuries. However, there is some recent evidence demonstrating that distractions, namely from cell phone use, can contribute to another highly prevalent childhood injury: drowning.

Novel Measures of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Learn about a new CIRP study, published in Health Education and Behavior, that examined novel measures of cell phone use while driving to better understand how and at what speeds adolescents use their cell phone while driving.