Center for Injury Research and Prevention

February 2018

Help Children with ADHD Defuse Their Own Aggressive and Impulsive Behavior

For children with ADHD, the potential for conflict with others is all around them, particularly at school. Learn strategies to head off situations and maintain positive environment.

New Resource Alert: Secondary Traumatic Stress Webinar Recording

View a recent webinar hosted by CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative on identifying and addressing secondary traumatic stress for those working in healthcare settings.

Later School Start Can Help Prevent Teens Driving While Sleep-Deprived

I thought you might interested in a summary of the science that links lack of sleep with crashes involving teen drivers, and how schools are addressing it.

Flashback Friday- Managing Sports Injuries

As we continue cheering on our Olympians, this Flashback Friday post revisits some previous posts on sports-related injuries, including extreme athleticism in girls, injuries in Special Olympians, and concussions in youth soccer.

Measuring the Effect of the NJ Decal Provision on GDL Compliance

Read about new CIRP@CHOP research published in the Journal of Adolescent Health that examined the impact of New Jersey's Graduated Driver Licensing requirement on young driver behaviors.

Concussions in Female Athletes: Higher Rates and Harder Recovery

As the landscape of women’s athletics changes, Dr. Kristy Arbogast briefly sums up what scientists know about concussions in female athletes today and what we urgently still need to learn.

New Resource Alert:

Access free resources to help families prepare teens to become safe skilled drivers -- based on more than a decade of research at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia -- at