Center for Injury Research and Prevention

May 2017

Adolescent Males Reveal Need for Mental Health Support After Violence

New research released today revealed that, among young men of color ages 12-17 enrolled in CHOP’s Violence Intervention Program from 2012-2016, the overwhelming majority (89 percent) self-identified a need for mental health care.

Opioid Exposure and Young Children

The rate of opioid related deaths has doubled since 2000. Between 2000-2009, there was a 90 percent increase in fatal poisoning among teenagers. But how is this epidemic impacting younger children? A recent study in Pediatrics describes the epidemiology of opioid exposure among US children. Read to learn more.

A New Year for CChIPS

The Center for Child Injury Prevention Studies (CChIPS) has launched a new research year. Read to find out more about the ten projects CChIPS investigators will be spearheading in 2017-2018.

New Resource Alert: Intimate Partner Violence and Pediatrics Webinar Recording

Watch a recorded webinar presented by CHOP's Violence Prevention Initiative and Lutheran Settlement House, which defines intimate partner violence and discusses strategies for addressing it in the pediatric healthcare setting.

New Home for CIRP Driving Simulator

The CIRP Driving Simulator Core has new features and a new home at the Roberts Center for Pediatric Research in Philadelphia.