Community Organizations

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP) is committed to partnering with like-minded child safety organizations that provide injury prevention services to families and communities in order to encourage evidence-based programming and education.

Current and Ongoing Relationships


To increase the use of booster seats for children in identified at-risk populations, CIRP and AAA clubs of Tidewater Virginia, Akron, Ohio, and AAA Southern New England are collaborating to disseminate Boosting Restraint Norms (BRN), a community-based social marketing campaign developed and tested by CIRP over a series of quantitative and qualitative studies focused on groups at risk for non-booster use.

In 2012, the collaboration created a practice model for BRN that can be used by AAA clubs generally and also maintains the integrity of the tested pilot campaign. The three AAA Clubs are implementing the campaign in Spring 2013. Program evaluation conducted by AAA will hopefully result in having BRN spread to other communities through the AAA federation and, possibly, other community-based groups.

Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program

Kohl’s Injury Prevention Program is dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Its multi-faceted program educates families about safety and offers low cost safety devices to increase safety practices in the community.

Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center (PCVPC)

Violence is taking its toll among young people in many of the country's urban communities, including Philadelphia, where the Center for Injury Research and Prevention is based. The Philadelphia Collaborative Violence Prevention Center (PCVPC) was established in 2006 as a partnership among leading research institutions and community-based violence prevention programs. This synergistic partnership is facilitated through a cooperative agreement with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with the goal of preventing violence and aggression in the lives of young people in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

Safe Kids Southeastern Pennsylvania Coalition

Safe Kids of Southeastern Pennsylvania, based at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, is part of Safe Kids Worldwide. Regionally, the Safe Kids mission is to promote the prevention of childhood injuries in Pennsylvania through education, collaboration and advocacy.